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Executive search & recruiting services for nonprofit organizations

Our goal is to enable mission-driven leaders to find their next step in the non-profit workplace, and to enable non-profit organizations to find like-minded persons seeking to move forward and make a positive impact. Through our search services, we are ready to meet client needs by offering targeted and efficient search completion with full consideration of budget, time constraints, and the personal needs and goals of each client. Our clients’ missions are very important to us, and in order to fulfill those missions we offer services including but not limited to advertising, networking, resume review, candidate screening, and key document drafting. Our experienced team allows clients to find a balance between in-house capabilities and external resources. At no additional fee, we will clarify the needs of your search and seek out the most effective way to execute a successful hire at the most efficient cost. To learn more or set up an appointment, email us at, call (888) 238-6611, or visit