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Organization Overview

Mission-Driven Enterprises ("MDE") makes a difference to the 200,000 clients it serves annually. Operating out of its headquarters in Connecticut, this nonprofit organization provides critical educational, training, and capacity-building services to rural communities. To accomplish its goals, MDE employs certified counselors, educators and coaches who operate on a project basis, providing their services as needed to MDE's client base. In 2014 alone, MDE worked with 250,000 clients and with a network of referral organizations located throughout the Mid-Atlantic and in New England. MDE works with more than 71% of the existing Community Development Organizations in the region and that number continues to grow.

The organization itself is projected to grow 20% annually over the next 5 years and will double its staff and its programs by 2018. Clients surveyed in 2012 reported that MDE would be of more service if it were to expand its services by increasing them at least 25% per annum over the next several years. To keep pace with the anticipated aggressive growth, expanding programs and increased client requirements, MDE seeks a range of talented professionals to conceive, develop and implement new and emerging programs, identify and secure additional, diverse sources of funding and recruit, retain and promote top-tier professionals to manage and shape strategy for the organization.

Government and quasi-governmental organizations have historically funded MDE. Moving forward, it seeks to enlist more support from individuals, foundations, and businesses and by partnering with similar community-based organizations. The transition from one-source to multi-source funding will require planning, networking and execution skills.

The Opportunity

2016 is the year designated for MDE's most ambitious publicity and fundraising campaigns ever. The organization seeks a strategic Chief Financial Officer ("CFO") with a track record of organizing a growing organization to meet future expansion. The CFO is responsible for aligning financial reserves with the setting the mission and vision of the organization and for and identifying concrete ways to engage in increasing financial reserves and cost-savings, such that MDE develops into a stable, sustainable organization with longevity.

Reporting Relationships:

The CFO reports to CEO and, periodically, to the Board of Directors. The CFO will direct his/her own internal staff including the VP Finance, Controller, Senior Accountant, Finance, Planning & Analysis Consultant, and will also direct those responsible for producing annual Tax and other compliance documents and reports.

The Ideal Candidate

The CFO will set strategy and vision, build the MDE culture, lead the senior team, and allocate capital appropriately. Working with the Board, the CEO will set important goals for the organization and work systematically to meet them.

The CEO will make it a priority to define MDE's priorities and direction. He or she will assess and evaluate strategies, decide how the organization will differentiate itself from other like-minded organizations in the region, and will hire teams, set budgets, forge alliances and build partnerships to further the mission. The CEO will play a formative role in building the culture of MDE around community service, accountability and results so that the very best in the field find MDE to be a solid professional home with ample opportunities for advancement and professional growth. The CEO will invest heavily in the training, mentoring and capacity building at MDE. Finally, the CEO will actively promote MDE to build its financial reserves and goodwill. He or she will secure resources, budget and allocate resources appropriately and hold him or herself accountable for the financial health of the organization.

Core Responsibilities

The CFO will:

Key Credentials and Personal Qualities